on bc politics.

May 13, 2009

we have elected gordon campbell’s liberals to a third straight majority. congratulations are in order to the man, i suppose, but i wouldn’t shake his hand too hard. it’s not like carole james was a very hard opponent. after all, i’m not sure how you can win such a decisive victory after losing the leaders’ debate miserably.

y’see, as much as they will refuse to admit it, the NDP and the liberals are pretty much the same. a few months ago, i had lunch with an old friend, an insider with the liberal party. we agreed that the main difference between the liberals and the NDP are who is paying them off.

STV was a failure, sure. but it didn’t have to be. couldn’t the big parties have stepped up to the plate? couldn’t they have both campaigned on behalf of fairness? hell, the NDP love to pretend that the liberals think that they govern by divine grace: if that were so, maybe the liberals could just do as they did back in the early ’50s and change the electoral system unilaterally. of course, that would be rich.

here’s what sucks about canada. we are the worst combination of individualism and communalism that could possibly exist in the free world. we are so spoiled that we don’t even want to risk anything on something that could be construed as being more fair. no, instead we are confident that the government will do everything for us as we like, right? of course not!

maybe i’m just upset that my neighbourhood will be overrun by traffic in the next few years as a result of this. maybe i’m upset that translink’s funding crunch is still going to happen.

or maybe i’m starting to understand a bit more about america, and why i’ve started to fall in love with this place…just a bit.


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