a life-changing day.

November 10, 2009

one of the funny things about life-changing events is that, usually, they happen with little warning.

like, if you would have told me that my life was about to change irrevocably as i zipped over the arthur laing bridge on the last day of july this year, i would have said “yeah, right. i don’t think so.”

but this song was playing on the radio as i was crossing the fraser, and while it might not be the greatest musical work ever, i somehow knew upon hearing it that it would be stuck in my head for a rather long time to come:

another thing about these life-changing moments: the event timelines seem to click into itself in eerie ways, to the degree that some might say that it was meant to be by some higher power that their life changed. i naturally reject this; there is nothing to suggest that there is anything pre-ordained about my life (or anyone else’s).

but it still is strange sometimes when you ask yourself “how the hell did i get here in life?”

and sometimes stranger still when the fates offer an instant response.


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