Welcome to the City by the Bay

November 11, 2009

here’s a poem i wrote in san francisco. i dug it out of my notebook today. it’s pretty…well…you read it and be the judge (but let’s say that upon re-reading it, it seems to be a cross between the movie midnight cowboy and F.U. Penguin.

Why are you so freakin’ chipper?
You have so much to be sad about.

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe there’s a lot to see behind your open doors, thick as they are.

Your streets all hold secrets – many secrets – coded in their names.
Am I not supposed to hear Powell Street and not think of much?

You make me nervous, San Francisco.
You really do. I could get into trouble with you.
I’ve already made out with you once; do we get to third base this time?

Bourgeois life is your game.

God, my writing sucks today.

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