August 1, 2010

City shuts down Iron Rod Pride party – Xtra West Online

i am a man of principle. really, it’s all i have at this point. i’m not blessed with riches or exceptional smarts. without my values, i really am nothing.

and so it hurts me to no end that someone out there has decided to attack me and my friends completely unprovoked. why? some may say that it’s because we were threatening to undo some monopoly of sorts, or that they felt that we were not competing on a level playing field.

it boils down to this: the rich have dictated how the poor must behave. not just in this case, but in every last aspect of life in this city devoted to the Cult Of Liveability.

but we won’t stand for this.

mark my words: we will keep living our dream, we will keep outdoing ourselves every time, we will live well – and that shall be our revenge.

and to whoever sabotaged our little get-together: i will find out who you are, you despicable bourgeois scum. it is only a matter of time.


2 Responses to “treachery.”

  1. Hey dude, I hope it doesn’t happen again in the future for your other events. Spit on July 9th was great, and I’m sure your other events will be amazing too. I also hope you find out who screwed it all up, and throw a party with a theme that somehow involves them.

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