for hire: a geographer looking to slowly change the world.

November 25, 2010

as many of you know, i am a relatively recent graduate from UBC with a B.A. in human geography. it’s a very special field, in that, due to its sheer breadth, it can possibly be said to be the ultimate social science. Yet – somehow – it manages to escape classification as an academic “discipline” for the very same reasons. kyle macdonald, the author of one red paperclip (and, somewhat unsurprisingly, another alumnus of UBC’s geography department) once referred to it as “the study of the obvious.” others have said that it’s the study of space and place, and how the two play out against each other. wikipedia describes it as “the study of human use and understanding of the world and the processes which have affected it.”

i prefer to describe it a bit differently differently, in a way that emphasizes the human aspect of it: human geography is the study of relationships between man and everything else.

of course, I do have skills outside the geographical world: i have run events, managed businesses, worked promotional and political campaigns, been a community advocate and – having grown up in vancouver – slung a lot of coffee. for all of my pseudo-hippie side however, i am no enemy of the corporate world; i believe that business has a big role to play in changing the world for the better, and i would love to be a part of it. (plus, i look surprisingly good in a suit.)

so as much as i have had a great go at living the bohemian life over the past few years, i am ready for a change, and i want to do that through the world of work. and this is where i ask you, my readers, for some help.

what follows is my CV – please look it over and keep me in mind over the next days and weeks. if you know of, or come across, a company, an organization or a job opportunity that you think i would fit well into, please let me know about it. and, hey, maybe you’d even put in a good word about me. (i.e. tell them that i make a killer mezze plate and mix a mean mojito.)

[CV available in PDF format; follow the jump for the text-only version.]






– Devoted, dependable and loyal, having worked with volunteer-based organizations for up to five consecutive years

– Experienced in a variety of fields, yet remains eager to learn new skills in the workplace


Education and Qualifications


– Business Management – British Columbia Institute of Technology (2011 graduation)

– Bachelor of Arts (Geography) – The University of British Columbia (2009)

Social science degree with a focus on urban issues, social and economic geography and cartography, Geographical Information Systems and quantitative spatial analysis

– Geography and Urban Studies – Université Paris Ouest La Défense (2007)

Participated in a France-Canada social sciences exchange program, with coursework in geography and urban planning in an entirely francophone environment


Relevant Experience

– Events Coordinator (Eastside Knights Events) – 2009 to Present

Produces approximately 15 revenue-generating licensed public events per year

Responsible for planning, licensing, bar management and service

– Events Coordinator (Events and Adventures) – 2009

Conceptualized, organized and executed social events for a singles’ social club

Acted as branch manager and signing officer

– Deputy Returning Officer (Guru Nanak Gurdwara Society Elections) – 2009

Helped to plan a 21,000-person election by preparing membership lists and logistics

Managed a Dispute Resolution table and was responsible for tabulating final electoral returns


– Research Assistant (Jewish Federation of Greater Vancouver) – 2008

Researched the demographics of the Jewish immigrant community in Greater Vancouver using statistical data and spatial analysis

– Director (Alma Mater Society of UBC) – 2008 to 2009

Advocate for over 10,000 constituents on the Board of Canada’s largest student association

Researched and debated issues pertaining to student interests


Other Experience


– Liquor Manager and Promotions (Arts County Fair) – 2002 to 2007

Ordered materials, liaised with suppliers and performers and organized promotions

Managed liquor service for 15,000 patrons responsibly in compliance with BC law

– Promotions Coordinator (UBC Arts Undergraduate Society) – 2002 to 2003

Organized the publicity of various events and chaired regular committee meetings


Interests and Other Information


– Writes a good deal; currently working on a second collection of poetry

– Avid cyclist and advocate for healthy living

– Fluent in English and French; working knowledge of Spanish


References gladly supplied upon request.


2 Responses to “for hire: a geographer looking to slowly change the world.”

  1. Milan Says:

    How is the search going? I have been having a tough time of it, myself.

    • mkushnir Says:

      i am afraid to say that the search goes slowly, but i am in the running for a consular position with foreign affairs…hopefully something will come of that. in the meantime i am really hoping to find something soon. i wish i could be more sanguine, but such is the way it goes for now.

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