August 30, 2011

man, i really need to contribute to this blog more often.

quick update on my life if anyone still reads this:

  • pride was stressful, but we pulled off two killer events, and i am proud of my accomplishments with quinn. plus, we sent a message to the gay mafia: that we will not be intimidated, especially not on our own turf.
  • i ended up finding a very sweet man and falling in love. and i still love him. but i realized over the better part of a year that we are not meant to be together – our paths lie along two different roads in life.
  • i am working for vision vancouver, a municipal political party. i’m pretty damn stoked on this – i’ve actually wanted a job with them for a long time. they’ve been treating me very well. even though the workload can be heavy and thankless at times, it is one of the only jobs i’ve ever had where i truly look forward to going out for drinks with my colleagues. it’s probably no coincidence that it’s also one of the only jobs i’ve ever had where i feel that my opinion is genuinely considered and respected. also, i get to wear a superhero costume from time to time.
  • i’ve also been working for jennifer mascall, a highly talented contemporary dancer and choreographer, as a project developer. while the job is very challenging, i have learned much from it and am glad i accepted the posting.
  • i’m still working for julie connolly – the crazy and fabulous woman who ran the irish house during the olympics – this time at her new venture: the jewel ballroom. working there is like working with family. i feel extraordinarily lucky that julie brought me on board.
  • SPIT is still going strong. there will certainly be a number of administrative changes happening in the coming months, but they are all to make the party even better.

now, there are some downsides. life has made me very self-aware in the past weeks and months, and i am even more aware of my many shortcomings than ever. i am starting to see my selfish side manifest itself in the world around me, and i am conflicted on how best to manage this. i have also accepted that i’ll always be a bit of a body fascist, and that i’m not getting any younger, so more discipline in terms of my diet and exercise will be required in the near future. however, i have taken some advice from a friend and have started to embrace my body hair. i must concede, it’s rather liberating to run your fingers through your own chest hair.

i suppose the biggest challenge for me in the next while will be trying to balance my social life with my career development.

but that is not as big of a challenge as finding out where the hell your place is in life.

finally, the gears have engaged. let’s hope they keep shifting upward.


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  1. Milan Says:

    Sounds like things are generally going well. All the best in your many undertakings.

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