Twilight City: The End?

May 24, 2012

So, it’s become evident to me that I’m a pretty shit blogger these days. I can never find the time to write even a few paragraphs. Granted, Twitter has taken a good chunk of the communicative energy that I used to devote to this blog, and that’s good in its own way, but the results speak for themselves.

Art is just as much about limits as it is about skill, inspiration and social commentary. And this is perhaps why this blog has failed over the past year. Ever since I returned from France at the end of 2007, I haven’t had much reason to report on anything.

But now, I feel that, for both personal and professional reasons, I now do. Being over 3000 kilometers from home means that there will be a captive audience of sorts, and moving upward from what is essentially a pleasant backwater to the social, cultural and economic heart of this Great Country means that the needs of performing with purpose and achieving success instead of failure will simply become even more critical.

So, no – this isn’t quite an ending. It’s actually an exciting new beginning. But it’s one that will require a certain degree of finality in order to start on the right foot. Thus I sign off of Twilight City with one of my favourite quotes:

“…and so I close, realizing that perhaps the ending has not yet been written.”


One Response to “Twilight City: The End?”

  1. Join the crowd…after shooting nearly 200 weddings, I find I can’t stand them….nI agree with a bunch of the posters here….I see no logic in blowi Click

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