my name is michael (mike) edward kushnir. i was born on december 16, 1983 at grace hospital (now bc women’s and children’s hospital). thus, i share my birthday with ludwig van beethoven, jane austen, arthur c. clarke and philip k. dick, as well as being born on the same day as the inauguration of léon blum as president of the french republic, the boston tea party and oliver cromwell’s seizure of power of the commonwealth of england, scotland and ireland.

me.i’m a b.a. student in human geography at the university of british columbia with a focus on urban studies and planning. i’m a native of vancouver, currently recently living in the borough of mount pleasant.

during 2007, i was on exchange at the university of paris x in nanterre, in the île-de-france region of france. except for a short period of time living in the residences on campus (an unorthodox arrangement for a university in france: most universities are integrated into the city rather than having their own designated spatial area), i was living in paris12e arrondissement (12th district). it’s no secret that i want to go back.

i have lived in various parts of metropolitan vancouver, including the hastings-sunrise, strathcona and kensington-cedar cottage boroughs in vancouver; the seymour and highlands neighbourhoods in north vancouver; the ambleside, british properties and sandy cove neighbourhoods in west vancouver and at place vanier and carey hall at ubc’s point grey campus.

i speak fluent french, largely thanks to the french immersion program. i also speak spanish; while i would judge it to be far from perfect, is rather good by canadian standards.

if you’ve ever heard about some guy named “scary mike”, it was probably a reference to me.

i chose the name of this blog out of a fondness for fire-red skies, particularly those in the late autumn, which last for no more than fifteen minutes or so. they tend to imbue the city with a fragile romance, one that is made all the more precious by its short existance.

it has nothing to do with the 1989 british film of the same name.


One Response to “About Me”

  1. Brad Gough Says:

    I would hire you in a second, I think you are going to do just swell!

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