i figure that i should provide a means of direct contact to my readers.

by e-mail, hit me up at the following address, by linking together the following in the format [username]@[domain].[tld]:

username: mike.kushnir

domain: gmail

tld: com

i use the msn messenger im network (although i do not use their messenger client). feel free to add me; my username can be assembled using the formula presented above:

username: mike_kushnir

domain: hotmail

tld: com

my mailing address and phone number will be gladly given out to those who ask with good reason.


One Response to “Contact Me”

  1. Boobie Says:

    I have had a wonderful time reading all the info on your blog..outstanding..you are just one special guy and can hardly wait to see you!!
    love and hugs and kisses

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