in portland…

November 12, 2010

the sun just came out, so i’m going to get out there and enjoy it ASAP.

but i just had to share this with the world.

jane jacobs was so bang on about one thing in particular – that short blocks make wonderful cities…and with your typical city block in portland measuring in at 79 m, it makes for a city full of wonder, mystery and fantasy.


on rush limbaugh.

October 25, 2010

the evident leader of the republican party has declared that colin powell should “close the loop” and become a democrat.

i agree wholeheartedly.

reaction or right action?

September 20, 2010

as a result of the recent incident involving the MV Sun Sea – a ship carrying nearly 500 tamil refugee claimants from sri lanka – the federal government, in its wisdom, has decided to get tough on illegal immigrants. the thing is that, like much of the work that the conservative government has brought about in its past term, the proposed new regulations are all hot air.

jason kenney, the minister of citizenship and immigration, will introduce new legislation to extend the detention period of those deemed to have come as part of a “mass arrival.” this, coupled with the tories’ claim that the MV Sun Sea was surely full of terrorists and criminals, is all to make it look like the government is getting “tough on crime” – i assume they imply human trafficking – when in fact they are merely looking like they are getting tougher on…something that is not actually a crime.

as a signing member of the UNHCR’s convention and protocol relating to the status of refugees, canada has an obligation under international law to grant asylum seekers certain rights. one, of particular note, is the principle that asylum seekers have the right to an immigration hearing, as well as access to the courts of the land in which they seek refuge.

so, does the legislation do much, beyond perhaps make life needlessly difficult for those irregular migrants arriving in large groups? and, more importantly, does it actually address the much more pressing issue of human trafficking? the answer to both these questions is certainly no.

the conservatives seem to be digging their heels into their political base. something must be wrong at 24 sussex drive.

as usual, there’s no shortage of bizarre happenings in my life these days!

i’ve quit working at the Big Shiny Nightclub. not to speak ill of my former employers – I learned a lot from them – but working the granville circus was not my cup of tea. i’ve moved over to the Small Shadowy Nightclub, where the people are nicer, the work is less stressful and the tips are bigger. and they’re giving me bar shifts already. like, holy shit, man! plus, the social cohesion is fantastic. i feel like i’m part of a family already…and in a sense, that i’ve always been a part of this family. ’cause it’s true – i’m one of those social misfits that the ol’ boys’ club loves to hate, you see. (thankfully, this is mostly ’cause they’re jealous.)

the party planning has been taking off. there’s a lot of work there, but we’re doing exceptionally well for ourselves. suffice it to say, running a monthly boozer, a monthly afterhours and – soon – a trashy thursday night at the local dyke bar is taxing.

plus, there’s the question of school. oh, that little thing! i’m taking a compressed 9-month business program at BCIT. it’s eight classes a term. i don’t care to do the actual calculations, but the coursework is double what i would usually take at UBC. like, holy-freakin’-shit man. it’s a lot, but i’ll pull through it somehow.

so, yeah. i’ve got a part-time job at a bar, a part-time gig running a business and a full-time student career. i guess that nobody can call me lazy, at least!

which is good, of course. ’cause i am finding that this overload is helping me to cope with the fact that – as winter creeps forward, as people inch closer to marriage – i’m still single. well, ok. it’s not helping me to cope. but it makes a boyfriend at this point in time virtually impossible. not that anyone cares, of course. it’s the same old thing, really.  since i became a minor public figure, the boys don’t care for me much – ’cause i’m “that guy” – and between that and my being a closet weirdo, it’s a recipe for solid singledom.

not that i’ve ever had much luck in my courtships. there’s no one issue that stands out, but i’m sure the fact that i resist categorization in any kind of social taxonomy in this gay world has something to do with it. i’m not really any “type” – i fall into the gaps in between many of them. and i don’t want to be a type – but that rejection comes at a price.

and for all i say about how awful body fascism is, i realized tonight – on my way back from the gym – why i hate it so much: i loathe it because i’m a victim of it.

sure, my self-esteem has higher and lower moments. and this will pass, i’m sure. the thing is that i feel that i’m ready to try that great journey called love, and i am completely lost with neither map nor compass.


August 1, 2010

City shuts down Iron Rod Pride party – Xtra West Online

i am a man of principle. really, it’s all i have at this point. i’m not blessed with riches or exceptional smarts. without my values, i really am nothing.

and so it hurts me to no end that someone out there has decided to attack me and my friends completely unprovoked. why? some may say that it’s because we were threatening to undo some monopoly of sorts, or that they felt that we were not competing on a level playing field.

it boils down to this: the rich have dictated how the poor must behave. not just in this case, but in every last aspect of life in this city devoted to the Cult Of Liveability.

but we won’t stand for this.

mark my words: we will keep living our dream, we will keep outdoing ourselves every time, we will live well – and that shall be our revenge.

and to whoever sabotaged our little get-together: i will find out who you are, you despicable bourgeois scum. it is only a matter of time.

“forgive me, father, for i have sinned.”

it hasn’t particularly been an easy path since my last update to the world. indeed, i’ve been lax on a number of fronts.

the troubles that had plagued me from october to march have – thankfully – been resolved. and the weight lifted from my shoulders has been rather liberating. however, they’ve brought a new number of issues.

i’m starting to reach the age where having some kind of a life partner would be desirable. unfortunately, i have no idea how to go about finding one. whereas the problem from before was that i was surely not in a position to seek out someone, the difficulty now seems to be that my old ghosts and demons are starting to haunt me.

’cause i know that, by the numbers at least, i’m a catch! but in order to find a mate, nothing less than perfection on my part will do in my head, and i know i am far from perfect.

and so i feel guilty for even considering looking for a partner and taking the requisite steps to find one – i can look for a partner once i’m perfect…’cause god knows they’ll never bother to keep me otherwise.

find a job. make some cash. get your own place. hit the gym. consume conspicuously.

instead, i’m still the bohemian, going back to school in september.

and i’m still single. and i’m ok with it.

but i won’t be for long.

under canadian skies

January 1, 2010

a shout, scream
in the high street
to a beep, click
on the telephone
like a rush of cologne
up the nostril
or like horseradish when
you least expected it

“because i’m coming home to join you.”

two feathers, cast aloft by
luck, to wonder why
things would never work the way
those homegrown folk will say

we float together (apart)
under canadian skies.
through the kicking horse pass

I know you’re listening.

I bet you’re crying your Blackfoot yell too.