here’s a list of works i’ve written. take a peek at them if you like.

feel free to use these works for non-commercial use (but, please cite me). i reserve the right to grant permission for commercial uses of these works.

other fun stuff to come…


One Response to “Read Me”

  1. Patrick Says:

    I almost cried (not really, but my face twinged up) reading your list of works because I thought “he’s so much cleverer (sic) than me and would thus not be interested”

    I don’t know that you are a gent that I would pine for, but after briefly face-stalking you (looking at your facebook page), I concluded that you were interesting or at least intelligent and somewhat worldly and, as per usual, I wanted to be wanted by you, or to impress you, or to gain your acceptance.

    And now, as I write, it occurs to me…so what if he did? What significance would that have to my life?

    It’s a strange yet familiar pattern of mine: Take in data re: dude. Compare dude with self. Decide he is “better”. Twinge up face.

    Thank you. I believe I can stop twinging now.

    Pattern broken? Perhaps. Perhaps not, but at least one awkward e-moment has been overcome with a human sentiment of worthiness. I thank you for the impetus of this sentiment.



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